Tom Walma

Superstore Endurance Challenge

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I always thought it would be fun to live in a superstore, like a Walmart, which contains food, clothing, sporting goods, toys, etc. 

The idea is for a reality TV show where 10 people are locked into a fully stocked superstore.  Nobody can enter or leave (if they leave they can't come back in), so there are no customers and there are no employees stocking shelves or cleaning up.  Nobody can communicate with the outside world.  They have to live there for a whole year, with a prize for those who make it the whole year (which I will describe later).

It will be interesting to see how people choose to solve problems, such as

  • creating private spaces and beds (since the store wouldn't sell beds)
  • dealing with dwindling resources such as food and water and maybe clean clothes
  • personal hygiene (there are no showers but there is soap and sinks in the bathroom)
  • chores such as cooking, managing trash and rotting food, etc.
  • entertaining themselves in creative ways
  • there could be conflicts introduced to the situation, such as the power getting shut off for a while

Plus, there are the obvious interpersonal issues inherent in any reality show where people live together.

For the prize, I think it should be something like each person gets $50,000 for themselves and also for each other person that makes it to the end.  So if 2 people make it, each of them get $100,000.  But if 10 people make it, each of them would get $500,000.  So there is an incentive to put up with other people to get as many to make it to the end as possible.  However, there won't be enough food for all 10 people to make it to the end, so eventually people might have to try to get other people to quit and quit quickly to have more resources for the remaining people.