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Karma Peacock

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According to Freakonomics, despite the reasons people say they give to charity, the strongest reason is peer pressure.  So to convince people to give to charity, "Karma Peacock" is a web site to allow people to brag about charities they have given to or worked for.  Also maybe environmental stuff such as buying hybrid cars.

Possible features:
• Integration with Facebook:
    • Show friends your karma acts
    • Invite others to karma acts 
• News of upcoming charity events in the region such as 5k runs, etc.
• Cooperation with charities to verify that the person did what they said they did.  A verified icon would indicate whether the item was verified or not
• Coordination of karma such as organizing meetups, raising money a la Kickstarter, etc.
• Assign karma scores to yourself or others 
    • Karma scores could be based on your own karma priorities.  For example, you may not consider owning a hybrid car as good karma.
    • Organizations can give people karma scores based on their specific karma priorities, and you can view the karma scores that these organizations give to you or to someone else
    • Karma scores can be based on a total karma sum, karma rate, or recent karma
    • Karma scores can take into account karma potential, i.e. rich people or smart people might have to do more to get good karma

Items which will NOT be featured:
• Karma based on personal relationships, such as weddings, break-ups, etc.
* Negative karma for doing bad things