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House Shopper Traffic App

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When you're buying a house or looking for an apartment, one of the main concerns is how long it takes you to get to your job or your kid's school or your most common driving destinations.

You can just guess the best place to live by looking at a map.  But your proximity to a highway or busy traffic light could have a big hidden impact to the driving time.  You can run Google Maps to see how long it takes to get from one place to another at the current time with the current traffic conditions.  Maybe even the average traffic conditions.

But typically you need to arrive to work at a certain time every day, or leave work at the same time every day.  So what you really need is to know how long it will take AT THAT EXACT TIME OF DAY.

So if you're looking for a place to live, it'd be nice if you had an app where you can save your common destinations and the time of day you need to go to those destinations, then you can cut and paste the addresses of available places to live into the app, allowing you to accurately compare the travel times to pick the best place to live. 

It'd also be nice to have a feature for couples to help find a place to live in between their two job sites, allowing them to split the driving time equally for each person, or to minimize the total driving time of the couple, or whatever their goal is.