Tom Walma


I want to find older movies and TV shows and music that I might like, but almost all critics are poisoned by snobbery and nostalgia, and/or just look at things differently because of their age. 

This is (will be) a web site and podcast for reviewing older media based on whether it "holds up" i.e. whether it is still good.  A group of friends and local comedians of different ages will re-watch and then humorously discuss/debate old movies, TV shows, music, standup comedy, etc. If they try to talk about what the critics said or nostalgia or give a history lesson about how groundbreaking something is, i.e. blabber on about things irrelevant to whether something "holds up", I will interrupt them.  The age of the reviewers and what they thought of the media will be conveniently displayed, so you can see if something "holds up" for people in your age group.